Onstar: A Better Way of Driving

Benefits of Onstar

A host of benefits to make your life easier and more


For the past 20 years, OnStar has been synonymous with vehicle safety and the comfort of knowing that no matter where you are, someone’s always there for you if you need help. But peace of mind isn’t the only thing you get as an OnStar Member. Here’s how we can help make every aspect of driving better:

If you’re ever in a crash, your vehicle's built-in sensors for Automatic Crash Response* can alert a trained OnStar Advisor immediately, even if you can’t call for help yourself. And if your vehicle is ever stolen, OnStar can work with authorities to locate the car and safely recover it using Stolen Vehicle Assistance.*

OnStar Smart Driver* can help you learn how to increase your mpg, reduce wear and tear on your car, and potentially help you qualify for discounts on your insurance. With OnStar, you can maximize your vehicle’s performance and be more confident while you’re on the road.

Simply push the blue OnStar button, and you’ll get Turn-by-Turn directions* delivered to your vehicle by a real live human being — an OnStar Advisor.

Do you frequently travel to areas without cell coverage or just run out of data?

Hands-Free Calling* and an available in-vehicle Wi-Fi® hotspot*can help keep you connected wherever your journeys take you.

And that’s barely scratching the surface. With OnStar, you can stay connected to the things that matter, with the peace of mind of knowing that wherever you’re headed, an OnStar Advisor always has your back.