IntelliLink Voice Commands

Your IntelliLink Can Do More Than You Think

IntelliLink's enhanced voice controls come standard on most of our Buick and GMC vehicles. This system, to say it bluntly, is pretty cool and makes driving much safer. Keeping your eyes on the road while you simply tell your vehicle what you want to do hands free is much simpler than playing with knobs and other tedious navigation options that the "other" vehicles have. Not to mention, safer.

"What commands can I do with my voice activation system?" This is a question we get all the time. To make things easier, below is list of voice commands that you can use with your IntelliLink system.

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General Voice Commands

ActionVoice Command
exit a phone call"Goodbye"
cancel an action"Cancel"
move back to a prior menu"Go Back", "Back", "Previous"
access OnStar"OnStar"
get help"Help"
access main menue"Main Menu"
access radio menu"Radio"
access your media (such as music on your phone)"My Media"
access phone menu"Phone", "Bluetooth"
access setting menu"Settings"
turn the verbose setting on/off"Set Verbose On", "Set Verbose Off", "Verbose On", "Verbose Off"
set language"Set Language", "Language <name>"
say Yes"Yes", "Yep", "Yup", "Ya", "Sure", "Right", "Correct", "OK", "Positive", "You Got It", "Probably", "You Bet"
say No"No", "Nope", "Na", "No Way", "Wrong", "Incorrect", "Negative", "Not Really", "No I Said", "No I Did Not", "No I Do Not"

Phone Commands

ActionVoice Command
dial"Dial", "Call"
redial"Redial", "Redial Last Number"
clear an action"Clear"
clear all actions"Clear All"
call using digits"Digit Dial"
use numbers 1-9"One", "Two", "Three", "Four", "Five", "Six", "Seven", "Eight", "Nine"
us the number 0"Zero", "Oh"
us * and #"Star", "Pound"
call or dial a number"Call or Dial [number]"
call a specific contact"Call or Dial [contact name] at home / work / cell / mobile"
call a specific name"Call or Dial [contact name]", "[contact name]"
pair your device"Pair", "Connect", "Pair Device"

Tuner Commands

ActionVoice Command
turn to AM"Tune AM Radio", "Tune Am", "AM Radio", "AM"
turn to FM"Tune FM Radio", "Tune FM", "FM Radio", "FM"
tune to a specific AM/FM Station"Tune AM/FM [station number] ", "Tune to AM/FM, [station number]", "FM [station number]"
tune to SM Radio"Tune XM Radio", "Tune XM", "XM Radio", "XM"
tune to specific SM station"Tune XM [station name]", "XM [station name]"
tune to an internet application station name"Tune Stitcher", "Stitcher"

Media Commands

ActionVoice Command
play your CD"Play CD", "CD"
play a device through your auxiliary input"Play Front Aux", "Aux", "Play Aux", "Front Aux"
play device connected through USB Port"Play USB", "USB"
play a device through Bluetooth Audio"Play Bluetooth Audio", "Bluetooth Audio"
play a specific song"[song name]", "[song name] by [artist name]"
play music on a connected device by artist"[song name] [song artist]"
play music on a connected device by album
"Play Album [album name]", "Play Album [album name] by [artist name]"
play specific album"[album name]", "[album name] by [artist name]"
play music on a connected device by genre"Play Genre [genre type]"
shuffle your music on a connected device"Shuffle On"
turn off shuffle"Shuffle Off"

Setting Commands

ActionVoice Command
select a device to use"Select Device", "Change Phone"
delete a device in use"Delete Device"
list devices that are paired to the system"List Device"

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