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What A Cadillac Dealership Should Be

The term, “It’s the Cadillac of…speaks volumes about its topic. When people hear that statement they know it must be luxurious, advanced, cutting edge and the best in its class. The same should be said with Winnipeg Cadillac Dealerships.

Gauthier Cadillac knows what it means to have the prestigious title of Cadillac in its name. We know that a Cadillac dealer needs to set the bar in luxury and convenience. A Cadillac dealer can’t just be ordinary; they need to be extraordinary. When you buy or service your Cadillac you deserve to get the same luxury treatment that you get with buying a Cadillac at the dealership.

Dedicated Service

When you visit our dealership you can expect to get front of line treatment every time. With Winnipeg's exclusive Cadillac Service Adviser you're sure to receive personal one on one service. No lines, no hassle, no worries. Servicing your Cadillac at Gauthier is like walking on the red carpet. 

Free Valet Service

We're Winnipeg's only dealership to offer free valet service for all our Cadillac clients who bought from our dealership. No longer do you need to worry about juggling your busy schedule and waiting for your Cadillac to be serviced. We'll come to you, pick up your Cadillac, leaving you another Cadillac to drive and bring it back when the service is done.

Valet service is available Monday - Wednesday and is based on availability.

Replacement Rental

When you're a Cadillac owner it's hard to drive anything else. We recognize that and offer a free Cadillac rental when you book your service with us.

No longer do you have to settle with driving a sub par vehicle while your Cadillac is being serviced.
Drop off your Cadillac, drive away in a Cadillac.
Based on availability.

One on One Cue

Every year the technology inside your new Cadillac becomes more and more advance. From night vision, in dash navigation, Google Auto, Apple CarPlay, memory seats and much more, learning and understanding the technology can be daunting. That's why we offer ongoing one on one training for the entire time you own your Cadillac.

Experience Why Gauthier Cadillac Is Winnipeg's Premier Cadillac Dealership.

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