Side Blind Zone Alert uses radar to detect vehicles entering your blind zones and gives you a visual warning when it happens. Isn't it nice to know someone is helping to look out for you?


If there's a chance you're getting too close to a vehicle ahead, Forward Collision Alert technology can sense it and alert you with both audio and visual warnings. You can feel more protected knowing that the Verano is looking and thinking ahead.


Lane Departure Warning technology provides audio and visual alerts should your Verano drift out of its lane without you first having activated your turn signal. Manitoba weather conditions won't stop us from staying on track.


Leave your driveway or parking space safely, equipped with Rear Cross Traffic Alert technology technology (2014 model year shown) uses radar to detect vehicles approaching from behind, and alerts you when one comes within 65 feet on either side. Whether it is a small and tight space or large drive way, driving safe in all directions and angles is accounted for.


Winnipeg parking can be tight sometimes. Rear Parking Assist technology (2014 model year shown) senses the distance behind your back bumper and certain objects within eight feet of it; then beeps to indicate how close you're getting. The more frequent the beeps, the closer you are to contact - be prepared under any circumstance to avoid it bumps and scrapes.


Safety first Manitoba! Slippery roads can cause collisions. Stay fully safe in a Buick with Ten standard air bags - including frontal, head curtain side air bags, front and outboard rear-seat side-impact air bags and front knee air bags. You can feel good knowing you're thoroughly protected in your BUICK in all Manitoba road and weather conditions.

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There is nothing more important to us than your families safety and comfort. That's why us here at Gauthier Buick are proud to be one of GM's leading Buick dealerships in Canada. We believe that Buick is everything that our dealership stands for - style, class, affordability and safety.

When you visit our dealership, you can expect a sales process like none other and one that truly represents what Buick stands for. Our sales consultants take the time to understand all your need and nice to haves and find you the perfect Buick that fits your life. If it's the versatility of the Buick Enclave, the adaptability of the new Buick Encore or the perfect mix of class and price of the Buick Verano, there's sure to be a Buick that's perfect for you and your family.

As a valued client, rest assured that you'll be taken care of for the entire time you own your Buick.

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